Wellbeing Tips - Vitamin D

Vitamin D, is commonly known as the “sunshine” vitamin. It’s also a hormone and sun exposure triggers the formation of the active form of the vitamin D.

Bask in the sun without sunscreen for 10 to 15 minutes between 10am to 12nn to maintain healthful vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D+Calcium… for bone and teeth health!

Because of its role in improving calcium absorption in the body, vitamin D is also important in promoting bone and teeth development. Its deficiency then causes osteomalacia (muscular weakness and weak bones) in adults or rickets (softening and weakening of bones) in children. To ensure proper bone health, make sure to get enough of your vitamin D daily by having a glass of milk or Magnolia Chocolait which is also a source of calcium.

Vitamin D deficiency among kids and teens:

This is common to those who:

•have limited sun exposure •have darker skin tones •are overweight or obese •are experiencing fat malabsorption or •those not drinking enough milk

Check for vitamin D level status if calcium status is low or if individuals experience bone malformation, bone weakness, or fractures that occur without real injury.

Vitamin D helps maintain muscle strength!

Muscle strength is important in older adults to prevent the risk of falls and fractures. It is also important for them to have sun exposure and get their daily dose of vitamin D from food sources like Magnolia Purefresh Low Fat Milk, Magnolia Chicken Brown Eggs, Magnolia Butter and Margarine and B-Meg fed fish.