Wellbeing Tips - Zinc

More than 300 different enzymes depend on zinc for their function. This means that zinc is essential in speeding up many of our body’s processes.

Zinc plays an essential role in stabilizing providing stability to cell membranes. Without zinc, membranes are more prone to damage and may impair its function. Consume a wide variety of foods rich in zinc especially  animal food sources like fish, Monterey Meats, Magnolia Chicken and Brown Eggs.

Zinc helps maintain healthy skin and hair. It helps keep the skin healthy since it hastens the renewal of skin cells. On the other hand, lack of zinc may result to hair loss, thin and dull hair and even hair that becomes grey early. Keep your skin and hair healthy by consuming zinc-rich food like meat and seafood.

Zinc is essential for normal taste and smell. Zinc is needed for the activation of the areas of the brain that process information regarding taste and smell.

Zinc is also essential in keeping a healthy immune system. Among its many functions in immunity is its important role in the production of lymphocytes or white blood cells. Keep your body protected by fulfilling your daily zinc needs:

•Children – 5.4 mg •Adults – 6.4 mg

Reference: FNRI-DOST Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes (RENI) 2002

It is better to get your zinc from animal sources like seafood, Monterey Meats and Magnolia Chicken and Brown Eggs. Zinc from these sources are more available to the body compared to plant sources. The presence of phytates in plant sources can block zinc absorption.