There’s no denying that the Noche Buena spirit is just around the corner! For sure, all that everybody could think about are the festivities that will take part during Noche Buena, so you better get those game faces on and start whipping out your game in the kitchen! You don’t want to let anybody down on the much awaited time of the year, don’t you?

Here’s a good idea to start on a light but exciting note, cook up some Crispy Coconut Chicken Fingers for your visitors to munch on while you continue stirring your way to the entrée and as the good time starts to stir up for your visitors. Then, surprise them with Fiesta Ham with Pineapple-Langka Sauce for the main course and for sure, everybody will take a moment to enjoy the good food laid on the table. Don’t forget to gather everybody through a prayer to give thanks to the feast as well as to the year that was. After this soulful meal, bring everybody’s mood higher to celebrate the rest of the night with Star Banana Brown Betty and surely, you’ll have the best Noche Buena ever! So, take your family to an adventurous feast this Noche Buena with the help of My Great Food!

Noche Buena Tips

  • Dairy Dip Goodness
    If you plan on serving a good amount of knick knacks to carry the night through the celebrations and gift giving, don’t ever forget to match them with tasty dips! Make it your own by altering the ingredients just like using all purpose cream or yogurt in place of sour cream on your cold dip.
  • Let the sweetness whisk you away.
    When preparing your favorite fiesta ham, remember that it is always best to varnish it with sugar before you heat and glaze it to make it absorb the sweetness all the way to the core. Now, you can savor its sweetness in every bite.
  • It’s all in the planning!
    With My Great Food, you can also discover tons of recipes that you can add for your Noche Buena menu. You may even lay it out to see how these recipes will compliment the festivities by using the meal planner.