The school year won’t be sunny at all times especially in the Philippines; so the best thing to do is to know how to handle the rainy season before the skies get cloudy again. It is best to make use of the time that the kids will be spending at home to learn new things, create a deeper bond with them and simply enjoy their company. Why not opt for some arts and crafts while you cook up a harmonious meal plan for everybody!

Seize the day with an exciting breakfast! Customize crepes with different flavors, shapes and sizes! Give your kids the freedom to go with their artistic side and treat them to a day all about art! You may even discover their crafty side by hosting a DIY bonding session with them.

Here are three things you can do: First, teach them how to re-cover their books creatively (Especially the classics!). Gather decorative materials or patterned sheets of paper and cover up all those worn out book covers!

By doing this, you are teaching them the value of books and may even get them into reading even more. You may also teach them to redesign old picture frames around the house with some beads and paint while you go through family photo albums together.

Afterwards, don’t forget to whip up an easy and yummy merienda such as Chick N’ Cheese Corn Dogs o reward the kids for a job well done. Come night time, cook up a scrumptious dinner such as Piri Piri Chicken then put the kids to bed while you read them a classic among the books they covered from the day’s activities.

With the good balance of creativity, fun and a little help from My Great Food, rainy days could get twice as fun as sunny days! Always keep in mind that the help you need is always just a click away!