It’s about time that we embrace new beginnings, so why not welcome it with a bang? As the fireworks start to make way for 2015, make sure that you welcome it with your family with all the positivity and good food that you can gather! To make this happen, here are a few tips from the My Great Food community!

Pick the best appetizer to start the year and the banquet right. The best option to serve are the Tinapa Croquettes following Chef Gene Gonzalez’ recipe. This definitely won’t disappoint and will leave your loved ones excited for what’s next!  So,make sure that you don’t let any dull moment come up and whip out the Coffee-Barbecue Beef Ribs with Corn & Coffee-Buttered Corn shortly. This mouthwatering dish will surely make them feel the bang of the New Year’s through its flavorful adventure. Afterwards, ease the palate by serving ChocNutQueso de Bola Cheesecake and you are off to an awesome 2015!

Media Noche Tips

  • Bring your family closer to home. Whip out those all-time family specialties and remind everybody how it feels good to be home. Add some queso de bola to those ensaymadas, salads and glazed ham and you’ll just hit the right spots!
  • Sleek Slice Secret. Aside from marinating well and preparing the perfect sauce for your pork roast, how you slice it for serving matters as well. Make sure that you slice and serve your pork roast just about right; not too thin to bore their taste buds, and not too thick to not let the sauce do its job. Go swiftly, let the sauce in and let the crisp conquer.
  • Plan with a bang! Now that you’ve experienced how My Great Food have helped you all year long, start planning 2015’s festivities on a high note and with a good pool of My Great Food recipes. Enjoy the delightful year ahead!