The holidays are a big time for celebration in the Philippines and even though making it happen might require a lot of work, nothing could compare to the joy of this very festive season. As early as now, imagine where you want this year’s celebrations to be, who you want to celebrate it with and how.

If you’re planning to gather up the whole clan, then you better be ready with some fun activities and festive recipes to share with them! To make sure that everyone that you want to celebrate with are going to be there, start sending electronic invites to your friends and family or better yet, create an online group so that you could exchange ideas and recipes with them! Make sure that with the amount of people coming, you are ready with a Christmas Cheese Board to keep those bellies happy while waiting for the festivities to start.

To keep the event organized and fun, create a program and never ever forget about exchange gifts! You may also put a twist in the traditional exchanging of gifts by doing the White Elephant wherein everybody brings a gift for no particular person but goes home with a random gift that they like!

Don’t forget to plan for your specialty to be served ahead of time! You may wow them with your Pork Roll that could just be the talk of the night! Before the celebration ends, serve Pandan and Corntwin Pudding for dessert and make sure that you have a photo wall available or just about any spot to take nice photos for everybody. Surely, they would want to share the great time that they had all over the internet!

So, put on a game face as early as now and gather all the help you can get to prepare like a pro for the holidays with My Great Food, your one-stop everyday recipe assistant!

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