Magnolia Chicken is delite-fully good as it is such a versatile type of meat!Not only does it deliver satiety to the palate, but its neutral flavor allows it to be prepared in various exciting ways and cooking methods.And when properly handled and fully cooked, it is a very safe food item to consume. Nutrition-wise, chicken is an excellent source of complete protein and contains essential vitamins and minerals.The chicken breast part without the skin is fat-free and saturated fat-free, excellent for those who are managing their weight or controlling their total fat intake. And so, the next time you enjoy Magnolia Chicken, do remember these inherent nutrients that promote good health.

Protein is essential for body building since all cells are built and repaired by protein. It is also used by the body to provide energy, synthesize hormones that increase resistance to infection and disease, and regulate various body processes such as metabolism. However, not all proteins are alike and one of the best protein choices is chicken. Magnolia Chicken is an excellent source of complete protein, providing a third of one’s RENI (Recommended Energy & Nutrient Intakes) for protein per 100g. Complete protein contains all the essential amino acids to build new proteins in the body.Other protein sources lack one or more amino acids and are called incomplete protein, which usually is plant based (fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains).

Vitamin B3 helps maintain healthy skin, releases energy from foods, maintains the digestive tract as well as normal nervous system functions.

Selenium is an antioxidant together with vitamin E. It is also needed for thyroid hormone production.

Phosphorus is a component of bones & teeth and of enzymes involved in energy formation; it also helps maintain acid-base balance in the body.