Every school year goes through the nerve wracking rainy season and usually, classes end up getting suspended and kids stay home for a few days. With school already starting, your kids might be all about seeing their friends instead of staying at home; so the best thing to do is be prepared when this happens!

Start the day by preparing soup to keep your family warm during this season. Try the Cauliflower and Broccoli Cream Soup with Fried Potato Strip for an easy and deliciously creamy option.

Then, kick start the fun at home by exchanging family inside jokes and funny stories from your kids’ childhood. By lightening up their mood, you are already lighting up your home despite the dull weather and the power outage! You may also prepare Chick N’ Cheese Corn Dog for merienda while digging back to the family’s all-time favorite board games! Team up and get competitive, come up with creative team names, team chants and fun consequences for losing every game!

Come nighttime, try preparing Pork Tonkatsu; an easy to do yet a heavy meal for the tummy. Then, once dinner is done, cap off the day with a movie night! Let your kids pick the movie!

Ease off on the curfew tonight and just let your children enjoy and relax with you after a day of fun-filled activities!

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