Dreaming of having that sexy body and head turning “to die for” muscles? It is no easy feat but here are the key secrets to attaining an awesome body.

Engage 2x a week in regular muscle strengthening training to keep and build muscles such as weight lifting, use of resistance bands, push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups. Muscle strengthening activities work on major muscle groups. As new muscle fibers become activated, they make the muscles look bigger in no time. 

Arm yourself with good nutrition. Good nutrition supports muscle strength building. Carbohydrates fuel muscles and are needed for extra energy source. You need at least 130g of carbs per day if you are doing strength training 2x a week. Every 15g is equivalent to 1/2 cup of rice, oats or pasta or 1 slice whole wheat bread. Fats, on the other hand, supply energy to the muscles during workout and should be about 20-25% of your energy need.

And of course, the best secret of all is about having enough protein intake and eating the right kind of protein. To maintain muscle mass, you just need about 0.5 to1g of protein per kg body weight. To build those awesome muscles, protein needs have to go up to about 1.4 to 1.8 kg per kg body weight. However, do note that while protein is an important element in building muscles, consuming more is not necessarily better. Aside from burdening your kidneys to excrete the by-products of protein metabolism, too much protein will just be stored as body fat and a high protein diet encourages consumption of foods high in saturated fat, which increase your risk to heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.  

So where do you find the right kind of protein in your diet? Look for rich sources of protein of course! Meats and poultry definitely top the list. And your most convenient and quickest source are processed meat products which contain protein. Other sources include eggs and dairy products like milk and cheese as well as legumes. 

With the right amount of protein and other nutrients, you’ll definitely have a much better body. It’s also the reason why San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc. provides top choice ingredients from its wide array of products. They make sure to offer only the best-quality sources of protein for everyone. 

Chicken Kani Salad with Sesame Dressing

As an added treat, here’s an easy recipe to start you on a good protein fix. One can of Purefoods® Sexy Chix™ provides 1 serving of protein that you’ll need. For more recipes and tips, visit the rest of the website for 101 ways to enjoy protein.